Rolling To Recovery, A story of a 23 year old colon cancer survivor Molly Mc Master, who is now raising awareness for the disease among young people.  
Rolling To Recovery

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On July 29th, 2000, I finished a 71 day, 2000 mile trek on inline skates that began in Glens Falls, New York and ended in Greeley, Colorado.

Rolling To Recovery started as a joke between my parents and I. "I think I'll in-line skate to Colorado to raise money for cancer," I told them with a big grin.  They just laughed, but over the next few days I started to think about how much fun that could be and how I might really be able to help other cancer patients. 

Rolling to Recovery has raised $60,000 to date, and has been split into three categories:

1)The American Cancer Society,
2)The Cancer Center at the Glens Falls Hospital, and
3)The Sunflower Fund.

Disclaimer: This website is not intended for medical advice. Molly McMaster is not a medical professional and can only tell about her own experience as a colon cancer patient.
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