Collosal Colon is an oversized model of a colon, approximately 40 feet long and 4 feet 
tall.  Visitors who crawl through will see polyps, cancer, diverticulosis, 
and many other colon diseases, making it a colon cancer educating tool like no other!  
2003 Colossal Colon Tour Schedule

In support of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 2003, the Colossal Colon will be on an eight month, twenty city media tour from March 2003 through October 2003. The goal is to use the Colossal Colon to educate people of all ages on prevention, early detection and treatment of colorectal cancer.

2003 Colossal Colon Tour Schedule
2/19-2/22 Raleigh, North Carolina
3/5-3/8Washington, D.C.
3/19-3/22Atlanta, Georgia
4/2-4/5 Miami, Florida
4/16-4/19 Little Rock, Arkansas
4/23-4/26Dallas, Texas
5/7-5/10 Houston, Texas
5/21-5/24Chicago, Illinois
5/31-6/2 ASCO Chicago, Illinois
6/11-6/14Phoenix, Arizona
6/18-6/21Los Angeles, California
6/25-6/28San Francisco, California
7/9-7/12 Seattle, Washington
7/22-7/26Denver, Colorado
8/6-8/9Minneapolis, Minnesota
8/20-8/23St. Louis, Missouri
9/3-9/6Detroit, Michigan
9/17-9/20Cleveland, Ohio
10/1-10/4Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10/15-10/18Boston, Massachusetts
10/29-11/01New York, NY
The Colossal Colon Tour is brought to you by:

Cancer Research Foundation of America
and made possible by a generous donation from

Roche Pharmaceuticals

For more information about the Colossal Colon Tour, please visit, or call Sonja Weisel-Jones at the Cancer Research Foundation of America (703)519-2104.

Disclaimer: This website is not intended for medical advice. Molly McMaster is not a medical professional and can only tell about her own experience as a colon cancer patient.
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